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Is it possible to apply a 2000-year-old philosophy to today's real life? This is definitely what this book is about.

Listening to this book, you will learn the basic principles of stoicism and its origins, plus how to apply those principles to our lives today.

You will learn....

  • Managing a team at work
  • Dealing with the family feud
  • Lower stress
  • Dealing with negativities
  • Taking control
  • Living a joyful life
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities. 

The word stoic comes from the word stoicism. Today, these words mean indifference to all emotions, whether it be pain, pleasure, hate, or love a sort of impassiveness. However, the philosophy of stoicism is entirely different and encompasses a very different set of ideas. 

Though as time went on, the philosophy of stoicism evolved especially with the coming of Rome. The original philosophy was made by a Greek philosopher in Athens, whose name was Zeno of Citium. Though, perhaps, more famous stoic philosophers would be Seneca (the younger) and Marcus Aurelius (the stoic emperor of Rome). 

What this book will endeavor to do is to introduce the philosophy of stoicism to modern life and make a case for how it can drastically improve our outlook and quality of life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this book today and start living as a stoic!

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