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Steve 'Ain't' White

Autor: Steve White
Spieldauer: 55 Min.

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Beschreibung von Audible

In Steve 'Ain't' White, the eponymous comedian good-heartedly examines race relations in America. Sure, this has been done countless times before in comedy clubs, but something about Steve White's delivery stands out. He is raucous and likable, inviting everyone to share in the punch line and engaging in banter with the audience. Steve White has appeared in numerous Spike Lee "joints" and hilariously boasts about being fired as an announcer from The Price Is Right. Apparently you're not supposed to say "Come on down, bi**h" when on the air. White also jokes about "The Negro Handbook" and "his leader Jay-Z". By mocking stereotypes he seems to demolish them - a welcome demolition that is always accompanied by loud laughter.


Steve Ain't White….Or is he ?

Funny, intelligent, thought provoking, relevant and most of all hilarious! High energy and in your face, and at the same time just adorable.

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