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Get the Steel Wings MC Box Set #2 for a limited time. Includes the following 3 books: 

  • Number one: Harley

Will Harley be my latest bad choice? I'm about to find out...

My name is Paisley and my life sucks.

I've been screwed over by ex.

I've been framed by my ex.

And now Harley just rescued me.

But for how long?

He may be my latest bad choice or my savior...

  • Number two: Draven

I need money to save my fathers life, and only Draven can help me...

So I do whatever it takes and make a deal with the devil.

The deal? A loan for my father if I start stealing drugs from the pharmacy for the club.

I didn't want my life to come to this, but I didn't want to lose my father.

This will bring danger to my doorstep. Will Draven keep me safe?

  • Number three: Rocco

Helping Rocco defend Roman in court is about to put me in harms way...

My name is Amelia and I have taken an oath to defend the accused.

So when I get hired to by Rocco to defend Roman for the murder of a wealthy businessman, it's nothing new.

But this isn't just any client.

He's a member of the Steel Wings MC and it's about to put my life in danger...Can Rocco protect me?

©2020 West Maple Publishing, Inc. (P)2020 West Maple Publishing, Inc.

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