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Lynn Evans needs to break away. Her girlfriend Marie wants to plan Lynn’s entire life down to the last detail. Lynn can’t stand the idea of letting Marie down, but things just keep getting worse. In the hopes of rekindling their passion, she invites Marie on a romantic vacation at an inn on the picturesque Maine coast.

But at the last minute, Marie bails on her, and Lynn is left all alone...except for the innkeeper Dana, a charmingly awkward and surprisingly romantic woman who listens and appreciates every word Lynn says.

When a severe storm traps the two women together at the inn, an immediate and undeniable spark flames to life between them. As Lynn’s relationship with her girlfriend crumbles, she and Dana grow closer, and soon, neither of them can deny their feelings. 

But Dana has sworn off falling in love, and soon, the very reason for that shows up in her life again and threatens everything she and Lynn have. Can Lynn and Dana throw off the shackles of the past and stay for good?

This heartfelt, passionate romance by wife-and-wife team Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin tells a story of love, longing, perseverance, and how finding your soulmate can help you stay true to yourself.

©2019 Marian Snowe (P)2020 Marian Snowe

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