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    Welcome to Magnolia Bloom, where hearts heal and magic a East Texas.

    The MacInnes sisters, different in every way…except for how much they need each other Alyssa’s country music career was a dream come true. But lately, something’s off. The words, the notes, the passion…they’ve abandoned her. Now, it’ll take some serious soul searching - and maybe a little help from her family - to rediscover her muse and figure out what to do next.

    Bailey won’t be denied what she wants. Not ever again. And, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her daughter reaches her full potential, too. But, with all her careful planning comes sacrifice - for both of them. Is the cost of security more than Bailey’s willing to pay?

    Cammie is at rock bottom. She lost her husband, her law practice, and her fancy lifestyle practically overnight. It’s time for this former wild child to make some hard decisions and figure out what she truly wants from life - and from love.

    Alyssa, Bailey, and Cammie aren’t asking for happily ever after endings, but with sisterly love and the magic of Magnolia Bloom, anything is possible.

    ©2020 Dragon Dreams Press, LLC (P)2021 Dragon Dreams Press, LLC

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