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    Psychic attack can strike in two forms: first, a purposeful mental assault by someone using occult power, or secondly, negative thoughts of others. Coworkers may not be purposely attacking, but their negative thoughts about you can generate anxiety, depression, or health problems. Often in a divorce, one party focuses so much mental negativity at their ex-mate so as to cause the same effects. Hateful neighbors or angry in-laws are often responsible for psychic attack.

    Track one: "Spiritual Protection Altered-State Consciousness Programming"

    A body relaxation is followed by an aura-charging induction and state-of-the-art induction technology. You then call in your spirit guide and masters to help generate total protection from psychic attack.

    Track two: "Spiritual Protection Sleep Programming"

    Listen as you fall asleep at night. The affirmations reaffirm the same programming as on track one. The suggestions are phrased for maximum acceptance by all levels of your mind. At the end you’re directed to sleep soundly and awaken relaxed, refreshed, and protected.

    ©1987 Hay House (P)1987 Hay House

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