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    Named best mountain man series by True West magazine, author Lane R. Warenski delivers the 10th book of the best-selling series.

    Journey through the land of the ancient ones, where spirits still protect the mysterious canyons where they once dwelled and strange drawings on the rock walls have stood for a 1,000 years.

    Zach Connors, known as Grizzly Killer, travels with his family through the rugged and mysterious canyons where the Anasazi once built their homes high on the cliffs. The year is 1833, and they are going to Taos for the supplies they will need for another year living in the Rocky Mountains.

    Before reaching the Taos Valley, they face dangers from the unforgiving and rugged land, and they must cross the mighty Colorado, Green, and San Juan Rivers. They meet a Navajo spirit talker who can feel her same powers within Star and Raven Wing. They face dangers from new enemies and encounter an old and evil nemesis. They must fight alongside Mexican soldiers before trading their plews and starting on the long trek back home.

    ©2020 Lane R. Warenski (P)2020 Wolfpack Publishing

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