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Spirit Guide Journey, Connect with Your Spirit Guide with Hypnosis, Meditation, and Affirmations

Autor: Joel Thielke
Sprecher: Joel Thielke
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 54 Min.

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Connect with your spirit guide and learn more about yourself and your future. Find balance and feel confident on your journey through life with this powerful guided meditation program from the Sleep Learning System and world-renowned hypnotherapist, Joel Thielke.

Powerful benefits of this program include:

  • Find your spiritual guide
  • Feel more confident and balanced
  • Be more connected to your life's purpose
  • Deeper connection to yourself
  • Positive energy and thinking
  • Deep relaxation for your body and mind
  • Deep sleep all night long

Just turn on your audiobook, relax, and fall asleep.

Sleep learning takes place when your mind is at rest and the subconscious is open to positive suggestions. It's an easy way of both learning and breaking bad habits while you sleep through the night. With this program, you'll be able to connect with your spirit guide and feel empowered and connected to yourself and your journey.

Let Joel's voice guide you into a deep sleep that will last the whole night through. When you wake, you'll feel more positive, fulfilled, and ready to take on your day.

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