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Spices in India

An Adventure into the Aromatic and Fragrant World of Spices
Autor: Thomas Longe
Sprecher: Dominic Carlos
Spieldauer: 59 Min.

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India was the center of the world when it came to spices and it still is today. Indian spices have a long history not only as a cultural tradition, but also as a means for other countries to preserve their food and health.

Through Spices in India, discover the flavorful culture, history, and traditions that the people of India have maintained and contributed to other countries around the world. Also, learn how these same Indian spices can be used in your daily healthy lifestyle.

Here are some amazing book highlights:

  • The flavorful history of spices
  • Indian spices throughout history
  • Spice route of India
  • Healthiest spices with amazing benefits
  • Main variety of useful spices
  • Benefits of traditional spices
  • Essential home remedies using spices
  • Home remedies for cold, flu and digestive issues
  • Super spices that help you lose weight
  • Packed with more than 15 Indian spice recipes

©2016 Thomas Longe (P)2016 Thomas Longe

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