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Spanked by My Friend's Dad

Autor: A.J. Moor
Sprecher: Jake Crawford
Spieldauer: 58 Min.

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What is it about the seductive qualities of a friend's dad that are so amazingly hot?

And yet we know we've always had that kind of special fantasy about our friend's dads. We loved the way they hung around the house with their shirts off, just so comfortable and casual. We loved how rough they were with us, the wrestling matches on Sunday afternoons, the stern punishments when we got in trouble while visiting their sons.

We adored them, and they equally loved us, often taking us on as their own kids. We loved hanging out with them, having our first beer with them, lusting after their perfect bodies. And if we're being honest, we've always had a lingering taboo fantasy that they might one day seduce us when we were old enough to be of potential interest to them.

After all, who doesn't have that thing for sexy older men?

Nineteen-year-old Shane has just such a desire for his friend's dad. He goes to Joe's house for a visit when his friend isn't home, and Shane is actually there on a matter of urgent business to discuss something of great importance with this gorgeous older man. He tries his best to put out of his mind that Joe is an amazingly attractive 38-year-old hunk of a man who loves to hang around shirtless, and may even just have a thing for guys himself.

©2016 A.J. Moor (P)2017 A.J. Moor

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