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    Learn Spanish fast and improve your comprehension skills.

    Make studying new vocabulary so much easier with fun and engaging Spanish stories. 

    Do you know what the hardest thing for a Spanish learning beginner is?

    Finding appropriate reading material that they can handle: We know how disappointing and discouraging is to try to read advanced stories and to understand nothing!

    If you are tired of complicated books and boring grammar lessons, then there is an alternative for you.

    In this book you can find 15 easy-to-understand, captivating and fun stories that will allow you to expand your vocabulary and give you the tools to learn fast the Spanish language.

    If you plan to learn this wonderful language or plan a trip to Spain, don't miss the opportunity to learn the basics of this fantastic language. 

    This book will allow you:

    • Learn Spanish the fun way: You can avoid to memorize boring and theoretical grammar rules.
    • Gain a greater vocabulary that you can use immediately, every day: You will add 2,000+ Spanish words and expressions to your repertoire through the encounter of descriptive sentences and casual conversations in the stories.
    • Improve your Spanish listening comprehension: Familiarize yourself with a wide range of grammar structures and put them to use today.

    How to use this book to learn Spanish fast:

    To get the most out of every story, we suggest this approach:

    1. Listen to the story in Spanish: Focus on trying to understand the main ideas of the story (the characters, the major plot developments and the setting).
    2. Listen to it again carefully: Highlight unknown words or grammatical constructions that are unfamiliar to you.
    3. Listen to the English version to understand the story one final time: This allows you to understand the text fully and have quick access to the translations.
    4. Answer the questions: Test your comprehension skills. 

    Spanish Short Stories for Beginners

    This book includes 15 captivating easy-listen stories which cover everyday topics.

    The best part is that every story is followed by its English translation, vocabulary glossary and multiple-choice questions: So you can test your comprehension and reinforce your Spanish learning.

    What are you waiting for? Scroll up and click on the "Buy Now" button now!

    Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.

    ©2020 Spanish Master Academy (P)2020 Spanish Master Academy

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