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    There are moments in our lives when we feel we have no control over a situation. The possibilities seem limited and we inevitably feel that the choices we make will only trap us in circumstances beyond our control. But you can control the possibilities in your life, shape the circumstances, and take control of the situation you are in when you use practical magic to shape the probabilities in your life.

    Real magic is about making the impossible possible, the improbable probable, about finding the right moment in space/time to manifest your intent and shape your reality. In Space/Time Magic, you will learn how to do just that using not only magic, but other disciplines such as art, writing, and science to shape your magical practice and turn possibilities into realities.

    In Space/Time Magic: A Guide to Practical Probability Magic you will learn:

    • How to use sigils to manifest multiple probabilities at once 
    • How to use the DNA spiral as a method to explore space/time probabilities 
    • How writing can be used as a divination practice 
    • How to use technology to enhance your space/time workings 
    • How to work with alternate versions of yourself 
    • How to turn probabilities into results with practical magic 
    ©2018 Taylor Ellwood (P)2019 Taylor Ellwood

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