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    Through our perception of sound and vibration, we internalize the world around us. What we hear and how we process that hearing has a profound impact on how we experience life. What we hear can empower us or harm us. A defining human capacity is to harness the power sound - through speech, dialogue, and song, and through listening to others. Hearing is a primary dimension of our existence. In fact, as a fetus, our ears were the first fully operating sensory organs to develop.

    This audiobook will guide you in methods of utilizing the power of sound and vibration to heal and maintain mental, emotional, and spiritual health, to fine-tune your midos and even to guide you into deeper levels of deveikus/conscious unity with Hashem. The vibratory patterns of the aleph-beis are particularly useful portals into our deeper conscious selves. Through chanting and deep listening, we can use the letters and sounds to shift our very mindset to induce us into a state of presence and spiritual elevation.

    Through the restoration of authentic Torah practices, Rav Pinson sheds new light onto these historical treasures and brings them into today's modern setting, providing us with real tools to transform our lives and connect with the Creator.

    ©2019 Dovber Pinson (P)2019 Dovber Pinson

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