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    Have you ever wanted to relax by a fire, only you don't have a fireplace?

    Do you enjoy the relaxing sound of a crackling fire?

    Would you like to enjoy the ambience of a fire without the mess and hassle of a real fireplace?

    Then this audiobook is for you! 

    You will enjoy the amazing crackle of a fire and all the ambience it brings in crisp HD audio!

    In Soothing Ambient Fireplace, you’ll hear: 

    • More than four hours of HD audio 
    • Realistically captured, interruption-free sound so that it seems like your right by the fire
    • Sounds of stoking fire and adding wood

    This is a great way to enjoy the romantic and relaxing sounds of a fire, without the mess and hassle! If you love the sound of a warm fire on a cold night, then scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button!

    ©2020 AMP Media (P)2020 AMP Media

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