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    Social Media Marketing Guide to Business was written for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to put their brand on the digital map. There is an extensive overview of what social media marketing is, insider details on each of the main social networks and how to master them, and how these platforms can magnify brand exposure. 

    As it’s critical to have a niche in a highly populated digital world, the book helps business owners discover where their sweet spot lies, how to craft their brand story, and how to use this story to create content for the platforms best suited for their brand’s personality and the audience it is targeting.

    Once this is established, Social Media Marketing Guide for Business will provide tips on how to gain a competitive edge through advertising, word-of-mouth marketing, and staying ahead of social media trends. 

    It’s an ideal introduction to digital marketing written with a no-nonsense approach. It contains all you need to boost your online following, build authentic engagement with your audience, and increase your sales. If you’ve ever wanted to come to grips with all things social, using key insights on how to apply this knowledge to get more eyes on your brand, then this book is for you. 

    ©2021 Michael Ernest Mulieri (P)2021 Michael Ernest Mulieri

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