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    When the sheriff is murdered, his son is asked to take his place.

    Bobby Trent is a semi-retired rodeo cowboy and the son of a highly respected law officer. When his father, the sheriff, is murdered, Trent is asked to fulfill the remaining months of his term in office. Sheriff Bobby Trent; nobody would have guessed it, but it should be an easy enough task; drink a little coffee, maybe lead a parade. Easy work until he is healthy enough to return to the circuit.  

    A dead body with no clues

    Then, the body of a young woman is discovered face down in the Montana snow. No signs of foul play, no reason for her to be there, and no tracks as to where she came from. Besides the unexplained death, someone is stealing stock from the local ranches and if the owners have their way, that someone is going to hang. Add to that, an out of state reporter trying to stir up a story about a missing girl of some 25 years earlier. Bobby is quickly finding out being Sheriff is more than handing out traffic tickets.

    Snow Drift is the latest novel from award-winning, best-selling author, Kwen Griffeth! If you love Longmire, if you are a crime, fiction, or mystery fan, you won’t want to miss this thrill ride!

    ©2018 Kwen D Griffeth (P)2019 Kwen D Griffeth

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