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    A gun to his head...

    A path to her heart...

    There are few moments in life that change you like being held at gunpoint. There are also few events in life that change you like a revelation of your past in a way that forces you to look at your present differently. 

    Seth Brommels, a struggling photographer in Philadelphia and son of a pastor of a mega church, is reminded of both. In fact, Seth could say his life is full of reminders: how empty life is without another to share it with; how much pain is involved when trying to move on from the death of a loved one. Many of his “reminders” aren't pleasant, but he does find love, and a way forward, just in the unlikeliest of places with one of the unlikeliest of women. 

    Tally Morales has a great hand in Seth's woes, as she is the one who holds him at gunpoint. He's simply another victim, at first. But in short order, Seth becomes her mirror, reminding her of how far she's fallen, exposing all the scars she thought she kept well hidden. 

    Meanwhile, an unholy plot continues in the darkness and grows by the day. It takes advantage of the city's faithful in one of the worst ways....

    ©2017 J. Evan Johnson (P)2018 J. Evan Johnson

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