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    What kind of monster preys on children?

    Detective Casey Norris and his team are back and they are taking on their most gruesome case yet. Each of them have dealt with bodies, but very rarely have they dealt with the bodies of children.

    Helena has a new monster. One who hunts, day and night, and worst of all...a monster who hunts children. Norris and the others attempt to work through the grisly nature of their newest case, but for Detective Kathy Proctor, this one truly is personal.

    As the reason for the killings unfolds, the team begins to realize that this killer is much more complicated than they could have ever guessed, and this killer prefers bullets to a jail cell. The goal is never to kill a suspect, but this time, both cop and killer are content with that outcome.

    Children are so innocent, but for this predator, that makes them the perfect target.

    ©2020 Tyler Porter (P)2021 Tyler Porter

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