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    Rejected by her mother and excluded by her school, Flip is a little girl desperate to be loved. ‘Am I ugly, Mummy?' are the first words that little Phillipa says to Mike and Casey as she stomps into their lives on a hot August afternoon. She has a Barbie doll in one hand and a pink vanity case in the other, and the bemused Watsons can only stare in amazement at this tiny eight-year-old girl who is being guided into the room by her social worker.

    Phillipa, known as Flip, has foetal alcohol syndrome, and life with her single mother has come to an abrupt end after a fire burned the house down. When Casey meets Flip, the child seems remarkably unfazed by what has happened, and the thing that seems to worry her is that Casey might find her ugly.

    Casey has come across children with FAS in her previous job in a high school behaviour unit but is now realising that fostering Flip is going to be full of challenges which will test her and Mike's skills to the limit.

    ©2015 Casey Watson (P)2015 HarperCollins Publishers Limited

    Das sagen andere Hörer zu Skin Deep: All she wanted was a mummy, but was she too ugly to be loved?


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