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    The aliens have made contact!

    But because they consider Earth a small, backwater planet, they send only one ambassador. The ambassador brings along his son, Pleskit, and (for political reasons) insists the boy should attend a regular school. Science-fiction loving Tim Tompkins is desperate to befriend the alien...and Pleskit is going to need a friend, because someone is trying to sabotage the mission! 

    This very funny book is made even more hilarious by a brilliantly creative performance from the late, great William Dufris (the original American voice of Bob-the-Builder). As AudioFile magazine said regarding the many voices, "William Dufris does a masterful job of creating them all...enjoy the extravaganza!" 

    And (not to give away too much) - this may be the only book you'll listen to this year that features someone saving the world by projectile vomiting. Just saying....

    ©1999 Bruce Coville (P)2021 Full Cast Audio

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