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    The Shipton history is - well - complicated. Some families have a guardian angel. The Shiptons have a guardian ancestor, one who jumps right in, boots first, whenever one of her girls has a problem. Of course, Mother Shipton’s girls aren’t always limited by blood ties. They’re connected by power, shared and used wisely. 

    That power needs to get busy, too, or Katherine’s oilman fiancé is going to disappear for good in the Gulf of Mexico. Katherine’s best friend Sylvia is never going to reconnect with her childhood soul mate, and Irene’s world champion saddle bronc rider fiancé Matt Dillon (yep, that’s his real name) might end up under the hooves of one of those bucking broncos. It’s a good thing Mother has backup in the form of Lillian Shipton, this era’s family troubleshooter. The spider-web of trouble stretching between these three modern Sisters of Prophecy might be too much for even a time-traveling guardian like Mother Shipton to handle on her own!

    ©2018 Jude Pittman and Gail Roughton (P)2019 Jude Pittman and Gail Roughton

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