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    When faced with complex challenges or uncertain outcomes, many leaders believe that if they are smart enough, work hard enough, or turn to the best management tools, they will be able to find the right answer, predict and plan for the future, and break down tasks to produce controllable results. But what are leaders to do when this isn't the case? 

    Rather than offering one-size-fits-all tips and tricks drawn from the realm of business as usual, Simple Habits for Complex Times provides three integral practices that enable leaders to navigate the unknown. By taking multiple perspectives, asking different questions, and seeing more of their system, leaders can better understand themselves, their roles, and the world around them. They can become more nimble, respond with agility, and guide their organizations to thrive in an ever-shifting business landscape. The more leaders use these simple habits, the more they enhance their performance and solve increasingly common, sticky business issues with greater acumen. 

    Whether in large or small organizations, in government or the private sector, in the U.S. or overseas, leaders will turn to this audiobook as a companion that helps them grow into the best version of themselves.

    The book is published by Stanford University Press. The audiobook will be published by University Press Audiobooks.

    ©2015 Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston (P)2019 Redwood Audiobooks


    "Will change you as a leader...and a person. A landmark work!" (Michael Rennie, Global Leader, McKinsey & Company Organization and Leadership Practice)

    "Garvey Berger and Johnston are superb teachers! ...You'll keep turning the pages and the pages will turn you into a better leader." (Robert Kegan Harvard University and co-author of Immunity to Change)

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