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    Their love story sparked a brushfire that grew into the legacy of Lorelei James' Rough Riders series. This stand-alone historical romance is a prequel to the McKay family saga. 

    The West doesn't get much wilder than Silas McKay. He's earned his cowboy reputation not just as a rancher, but as a brawling card sharp who's short on cash but long on charm. And just as soon as he claps eyes on the pretty new schoolteacher? Well, Dinah Thompson is about to discover what courting's like McKay-style - sweet, hot, and passionate.

    Luckily, Dinah's got the sass and sense to stand up to Silas' shenanigans. She relocated to rural Wyoming to teach and become a self-reliant woman, not to spend her nights dreaming about that blue-eyed rogue and his ranch-work-honed body. But Silas McKay's powerful appeal and tempting promises convince Dinah to recklessly go all in with him.

    When Silas' long-standing rivalry with Zeke West puts Dinah, Silas, and his twin brother, Jonas, in danger, each one is forced to make difficult decisions about taking a chance to build their legacy...and a love that transcends time.

    ©2020 Lorelei James (P)2020 Insatiable Press

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