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    Discover the remarkable history of the Silk Road...

    Whether you approve or disapprove, globalization is an inescapable feature of the modern world. Trade between nations and continents is now commonplace, and this exchange of goods is inevitably accompanied by the exchange of ideas and cultures. 

    This is not, as you might expect, a new phenomenon. A series of trade routes which were first established almost 2,000 years ago provided one of the first examples of intercontinental trade. 

    Although these overland routes between Europe and Asia were not generally given a name during the period when they were in use, a 19th century German writer and traveler Ferdinand von Richthofen used the name by which they have become famous - he called them the Seidenstrasse (the Silk Road). Of course, it wasn’t just silk that was traded on these routes. Many other commodities traveled in both directions.  

    For more than a thousand years, the Silk Road (or rather roads; there were actually several routes) provided the main trading link between the East and the West, which also enabled an exchange of philosophy, art, culture, and religion. It wasn’t until new maritime trade routes were established in the 15th century that the Silk Road finally began to decline in importance.

    It is difficult to overestimate the impact the Silk Road had on the development of civilization in both Europe and Asia. Without this trade route, the civilization of both continents would almost certainly have developed very differently. This is the story of the Silk Road.

    Discover a plethora of chapters such as:

    • The Han Dynasty
    • The War of the Heavenly Horses
    • The Silk Trade
    • A Route for New Ideas
    • Marco Polo
    • The Decline of the Silk Road
    • And much more!

    So, if you want a concise and informative book on the Silk Road, simply scroll up and click the "Buy now" button for instant access!

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