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Significant Contact

Beautiful Resistance, Book 3
Sprecher: Persephone Rose
Serie: Beautiful Resistance, Titel 3
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 50 Min.

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High-tech mercenaries find themselves pitted against freerunning revolutionaries as global corporate warfare becomes centered around a struggling island nation and the freedom fighters defending their home. Hayden Cole is now a slinger for the resistance, working side by side with the very freedom fighters and hackers who were once his sworn enemies. The Akiaten have managed, with the guidance of the mysterious shaman Kapre and under the digital protection of the slinger Lunatic 8, to make contact with the magical power that resides on the islands.

With Cole's help, and that of the turncoat engineer Nibiru, the vampiric jungle warriors must race against time to finish building the machine that will harness the energy. Having discovered the location of the resistance base, the deadly Hirohito leads an army of corporate soldiers in an all out attack. In the shadows, Laine 2.0 waits for the perfect moment to go for the kill. The remote island paradise is turned into a war zone as the final showdown between resistance and corporation spills out of the battlefields of city street and neon grid to wash ashore in a tide of high velocity bullets and murderous software in the thrilling conclusion of this cyberpunk epic.

©2018 Sean-Michael Argo (P)2019 Sean-Michael Argo

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