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    An attractive salesman who works in the fine gift department in one of New York's most expensive stores dreams of taking his pleasure with a sexy guy on the counter that's filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and watches.

    Is Jeff is the incredibly handsome new salesman hired for the holiday season, the one to gift him his fantasy?

    "There is something about a young handsome salesman in a suit who wants to give a customer satisfaction that is very titillating. It's transactional, he wants to sell, I may want to buy what he has to offer. I have a need - he wants to fulfill it.

    Jeff was a good salesman, not the best, but he didn’t have to be, when a guy is as adorable looking as Jeff Alton many things in life are easier.

    I have a need and I certainly would like Jeff to fill it, I thought to myself as I pondered the mystery of the handsome young man. He had just seemed to appear out of nowhere one day".

    ©2021 Guy Veryzer (P)2021 Guy Veryzer

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