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Shanahan's Stone

Sprecher: Lee Alan
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 29 Min.

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In a large town, in present day Ireland, where once stood a magnificent and affluent city, a mysterious stone has recently been found.

A foreigner sits in a pub and listens to a yarn told by locals. The tale speaks of a beautiful woman from long ago, of a stranger named O'Seanachain (Shanahan), and of a fabled stone, which somehow seems to be the key.

Shanahan's Stone is a tale about greed, vengeance, redemption, and love. So much history and mythology has become misinterpreted and altered over the years. Although modern day depictions describe leprechauns as little men dressed in green who hoard pots of gold, ancient Irish folklore depicted them quite differently. This happens not only with leprechauns but also with many other legendary enchanted beings.

Shanahan's Stone breaks from these cliches and many other contemporary Irish stereotypes. It weaves an imaginative and unique story steeped in colorful Irish folklore.

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