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    Bubba's trip to FairyLand ends with a bang! And a whimper! 

    And a dungeon crawl! 

    And a zombie apocalypse! 

    That's right, Bubba's long quest to find his sister and rescue her from the nefarious faerie Puck (you try to say "nefarious faerie" five times fast!) is coming to a close. He hopes. 

    He's fought a dragon. He's had a dance-off in a faerie castle. He's dealt with his psychotic grandmother and neglectful grandpa (That's Mab and Oberon, in case you're trying to keep track). Now he has to face down the toughest challenge of them all, and he has to do it alone. 

    Can Bubba save his sister before she fades away? Can he get through a metric buttload of zombies on his quest for the last bottle of liquor in Fairyland? Can he find out what sumbeech stole his gun? 

    And if he does all that…what will be waiting for him when he gets home?

    ©2018 John G. Hartness (P)2019 Falstaff Books

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