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    Emily Dubberley is one of the UK's most prolific sexperts, with seven books, two sex magazines and one of the largest sex fantasy websites to her name ( In This Edition:

  • Interview: Eddie Timon, editor of The Erotic Review.
  • Erotic Story: "Changing Room." A clothes shopping trip is far from boring.
  • Sex on the Spot: The low-down on open relationships.
  • Erotic Story: "Two For One." A woman gets a fantastic offer at the supermarket.
  • Letters from Listeners: Questions about masturbation, penis size, and more.
  • Erotic Story: "All That She Wants." A man finds himself drawn to a woman who's more than happy to show her sexual side.
  • Sex Toy/Film Review: "Love on the Run", cyberskin, Apocalypse Climax, and more.
  • Erotic Story: "Begging For It." A woman takes things to extreme to demand satisfaction from an arrogant man.
  • Book and Web Reviews: Ear Candy, The Pearl: Lady Pokingham, and more.
  • Erotic Story: "Toy Story." A man gets hot at the idea of his partner with her battery operated friend.

    Explicit Language Warning: You must be 18 years or older to purchase this program.

  • (P) and ©2006 Emily Dubberley

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