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    In the very depths of the human soul there is a darkness. It is an entity which most of us may never get to know; for others, however, this darkness grows for years until it takes hold of them and permeates every inch of their body. This darkness is evil incarnate, and it is in the hearts and minds of some of the most dangerous and despicable human beings to have walked this same earth we live in today.

    Sometimes it can manifest as the desire to dominate the weak and the less fortunate; in others, it becomes an uncontrollable need for violence and death; another group turns this evil into pure hatred for those that they do not agree with, transforming dislike into the desire to spill blood.

    Regardless of which group we are talking about, there are many of these individuals who soon evolve into the most deadly kind of monster: the serial killer.

    In the following volumes, you shall discover the stories of six murderers so tainted by darkness that their horrific accounts still bring fear to men and women of our present day:

    • Edmund Kemper, the Co-Ed Killer, whose victims were mostly young, defenseless students.
    • The Briley Brothers, three siblings who were as mentally unstable as they were bloodthirsty.
    • Christopher Wilder, serial killer who mercilessly killed in two different continents.
    • John Christie, who lived a double life while killing cruelly and indiscriminately.
    • John Haigh or The Acid Bath Murderer, whose methods of disposing of victims made him infamous.
    • Joseph Paul Franklin, whose racist hatred fueled him into a deadly “cleansing of the world”, according to his own claims.

    So listen to the sections of the volumes in this Serial Killers True Crime Box Set now, and begin exploring these tales that have been forged with the essence of hell itself - you may soon realize just how deep evil can plant its seeds within a human being....

    ©2019 LAK Publishing (P)2019 LAK Publishing

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