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    Most listeners know that "happiness is within", but they don't always know how to access that happiness whenever they like, and in all circumstances. In Serenity, Jane Nelsen teaches listeners four principles that will help them to stop being a slave to their thought system in order to access wisdom from the heart and from the soul.

    The four basic and easily applied principles from Serenity:

    1. Free yourself from the filters of your thought system.
    2. Understand how feelings can act as a personal compass.
    3. Improve relationships by understanding and respecting differences.
    4. Learn how to overcome depression, anger, or any negative feeling.

    The chronic stress of modern life often interferes with enjoying the happiness that comes with peace of mind. Joy is needlessly missing from too many lives and from too many relationships. Serenity provides many tools to help listeners discover innate feelings of joy, compassion, gratitude, wisdom, and love, so they can live more fully every day.

    ©1988 Jane Nelsen (P)2010 Jane Nelsen

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