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We rescued my brother. We fought the secret society. We tried to stop them. 

We lost. 

Now they have an object so powerful it could destroy everything, but this little succubus is coming for them. 

I’ll do whatever it takes to bring the secret society down, and this time I’ve got help. My angelic princes. My fallen professor. My brother. My friends. We won’t stop until they’re defeated. 

Even if it means going up against the Archangels themselves. They may be ancient and powerful, but we’ve got tricks of our own too. 

I just need to convince my four lovers to get along first. Easier said than done, especially when none of us knows who to trust, and dark secrets emerge from the past. 

But I’ll have to be careful, because if we fail? It’ll be the start of a new war between angels and demons - and I’ll be caught in the middle. 

Join Olivia for her final year at Seraphim Academy!

©2020 Elizabeth Briggs (P)2020 Elizabeth Briggs

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