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    Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 

    Presented by The Online Stage 

    Sense and Sensibility is Jane Austen’s first published novel. It tells the much-loved story of the two, very different, Dashwood sisters. Elinor suppresses her own emotions out of a keen sense of responsibility to her family and friends, while Marianne is highly expressive and romantic. When their father dies, British law leaves everything to their half-brother and his tight-fisted wife, and Elinor and Marianne, along with their mother and younger sister, have to move to a cottage on a relative’s estate where they experience the full spectrum of romance and betrayal. 


    • Narrator: Cate Barratt 
    • John Dashwood and Mr Palmer: Phil Benson 
    • Fanny Dashwood and Mrs Palmer: Elizabeth Klett 
    • Elinor Dashwood: Libby Stephenson 
    • Marianne Dashwood: Amanda Friday 
    • Mrs. Dashwood: Sarah Mitchell 
    • Edward Ferrars and Servant: Craig Franklin 
    • Sir John Middleton and Thomas: Jeff Moon 
    • John Willoughby and Robert Ferrars: Russell Gold 
    • Colonel Brandon: Peter Tucker 
    • Margaret Dashwood and Anne Steele: Grace Keller Scotch 
    • Mrs. Jennings: Sara Morsey 
    • Lady Middleton and Mrs. Ferrars: PJ Morgan 
    • Lucy Steele: Elizabeth Chambers 
    • Audio edited by Libby Stephenson
    Public Domain (P)2018 The Online Stage

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