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    Enable your buyers for faster B2B sales.

    What drives B2B sales most effectively - focusing on what you do as a salesperson or on what your champion and the buying group does behind the scenes? The latest research makes it clear that the B2B buying process has become too complex and difficult, and buyers today crave companies and experienced guides who make the process easier. Focus on making buying easier, and your prospects will buy from you faster and more often. 

    Sales teams can shorten the sales cycle by as much as 68 percent when they learn to equip their champion - the people promoting their solution inside the target account - using the DEEP-C™ buyer enablement framework: Discover, Engage, Equip, Personalize, and Coach. This book guides sales leaders and professionals through the process of moving from a sales-focused approach to a buyer enablement model that reduces buying friction and accelerates the purchase.

    All images and graphics referred to in this audiobook, along with other appendix items, can be viewed and downloaded from the author's website.

    ©2021 Garin Hess (P)2021 Greenleaf Book Group

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