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    Feel great about yourself and achieve massive success today by mastering your emotions and overcoming fear - these self-esteem books makes it simple and easy!

    Would you like to feel:

    • Assertive
    • Courageous?
    • In control?
    • Worthy?
    • Driven?
    • Valuable?
    • Confident?

    If so, you must listen to The 7 Laws of Confidence and The 7 Laws of Fear. Part of Brian's well-known 7 Laws Series, this audiobook is your ticket to the amazing results that come with a healthy self-image!

    When you listen to Brian Cagneey's The 7 Laws of Confidence you'll learn to how to build confidence by doing what is right - regardless of what others think. Brian explains why you should take greater risks to gain greater rewards, humbly admit your mistakes, wait patiently for praise, and learn to accept compliments. This is crucial to winning the confidence game and this is what successful people do!

    In The 7 Laws of Fear you'll discover how to end fear's negative effects on your life - and start using this vital emotion for good! He teaches you the brain science behind your fear response and how it acts as a defense mechanism in times of crisis. When you face and master your fear, you can use it to increase your alertness, memory, attention to detail and overcome social anxiety while building a psychology of success.

    Fear books and anxiety books like Brian's have one vital message: don't let fear tell you what to do and how to live your life - Put it to work for you with this amazing audiobook!

    ©2016 Brian Cagneey (P)2016 Shapleigh Publishing LLC

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