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    How to Press Ahead (and Should You?) When All Is Wrong 

    As much as we’d like to avoid suffering in life, all of us will occasionally face earth-shattering hardships. You might be dealing with one now, or perhaps your friend or a loved one is, or maybe you’d just like to prepare yourself for when one inevitably occurs in your life. Self-Discipline in Difficult Times is the right book for you if you want to learn how to press ahead as your world turns upside down. 

    Some of the topics I discuss in the book include: 

    • In which situations self-help advice helps and in which you should stay away from it
    • How to avoid making a bad situation worse when you’re under too much pressure
    • How to take care of yourself during difficult times without sabotaging your long-term goals
    • How to begin the process of recovery with three fundamental strategies
    • How to prepare yourself for inevitable future crises with an uncomfortable, but effective practice
    • How to help a friend struggling with a crisis

    Mental resilience is our most important tool for surviving a rupture. This book can give you some hope and comfort that you’re not alone in whatever you’re facing.

    ©2020 Martin Meadows (P)2020 Martin Publishing

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