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    Discover how to achieve your goals, become a success, and develop a mental toughness mindset! 

    A lot of people blunder through life without a concrete plan in place for structuring out their life, and ultimately, they end up falling short. Other people might set out a plan or milestone to achieve, but find it difficult to remain true to their projections and calculations. These groups of people often end up at the bottom rung of the ladder of success, forever trying and hoping to climb the ladder. 

    Do you feel like your life could be better organized? Are you searching for a guide to gaining absolute self-control? Do you want to be able to set targets for yourself to fulfill and then zero in on these targets without any loss of focus whatsoever? For whatever reason you have picked this book up, it is meant for you and can teach you how to build better self-discipline and control over positive thinking. 

    It was written with you in mind. However, there is only so much I can do. The conscious decision and willpower to become self-disciplined is yours. You need to want to be disciplined to ensure that you don't just read this book and fail to profit from it. As Pablo Picasso said; “Action is the fundamental key to all success.” You need to take action to reap the benefits of listening to this book. Good luck!

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

    • Understanding self-discipline
    • Why you need to be self-disciplined
    • Daily success habits to help improve your self-discipline
    • The seven pillars Of self-discipline
    • Threats to self-discipline
    • A ten-day plan to acquire self-discipline and build commitment towards tasks and goals
    ©2018 Callum Rawling (P)2018 Callum Rawling

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