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    Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you increased your confidence by just 10%? Paul McGee has – and in this audiobook, he explains what confidence is, where it comes from, why it's important, and how to develop it in yourself and others. Not only does the audiobook deal with confidence in business, romance, social situations, and all areas of life, it explodes common myths, including why 'over-confidence' and 'under-confidence' are both harmful. Loaded with practical tips on bouncing back from a setback and feeling confident in challenging situations, this inspiring, upbeat audiobook will help fill you with life's X factor.

    Paul McGee is one of Europe's leading motivational speakers and coaches, combining practical strategies with both inspiration and realism. He has spoken in 31 countries to date and is the author of several audiobooks, including the bestselling Self-Confidence and S.U.M.O. (Shut Up, Move On). Building on his academic background in behavioural and social psychology, Paul is also a trained counsellor, a performance coach and a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

    ©2013 Paul McGee (P)2013 Audible Ltd


    “This book [SELF-CONFIDENCE] is so crucial in helping people to achieve success in life. Read it, digest it and do what it says!” (Sir Clive Woodward OBE, coach of the 2003 Rugby World Cup Winning England team)
    "...a practical approach to self–management...inspires hope and highlights the importance of the smallest gesture of change." ( The Journal of Wellbeing)
    "…a good entry into [McGee’s] world. You’ll be feeling more confident in no time." ( Edge)

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