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    Running scared, I’m forced to start completely over. I escape to Tennessee where no one knows who I am. I try to blend in and decide that a huge university will be the easiest way. 

    Tainted, scared, and alone, will he find me? Will he hurt me again?

    I have a secret, you see. I need a savior - someone who can help me be free.

    I never expected to meet Tate Masterson.

    Strong, sexy, and stubborn; with his alluring hazel eyes, tattoos, and Russian accent. 

    I never had a chance; he took one look at me and decided I was his.

    Tate has a secret too; the Russkaya Mafiya is in his blood.

    His secret could help save me, but will Tate embrace it or destroy us?

    ©2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Sapphire Knight (P)2021 Sapphire Knight

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