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    On a brisk autumn night, a 14-year-old girl goes out to play. She never comes home....

    The Vanishing of the Georgia Rose

    A girl goes missing. Only one woman can find her. 

    After a scholarly 14-year-old girl vanishes on Halloween night, uncompromising yet isolated Private Investigator Arden Briar dives deep into the Georgia underground to find the victim. Faced with overwhelming odds, Arden enlists the help of the victim’s damaged father, a veteran with a short fuse. Will Arden’s temporary alliance be the solution to her problem or her downfall? 


    Renowned Miami Detective Anna Dedrick returns to her rural birthplace with hopes of leaving behind the vices of the big city. That dream shatters when the town’s pride - an African American child prodigy - goes missing. As the only woman equipped for the job, Anna takes the case but soon discovers the town suspecting her estranged brother...and herself.

    ©2018 DBS Publishing (P)2019 DBS Publishing

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