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Secret of the Labyrinth

The Temple of the Blind, Book Five
Autor: Brian Harmon
Sprecher: Norman Gilligan
Serie: The Temple of the Blind, Titel 5
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 29 Min.

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Urged onward by the mysterious Sentinel Queen, Albert, Brandy, and Nicole venture ever deeper into the Temple of the Blind - and into the greatest danger they have yet faced.

Endless miles of twisting passageways and perilous chambers stand before them, and with Albert's box of clues finally exhausted, they will have to navigate the dark corridors utterly blind. And time is ticking as a dangerous beast stalks them with murderous intent.

Meanwhile, Wayne struggles to catch up to them with a warning that all may not be as it seems. Someone is lying to them. Is it the mysterious old man who aided Wayne in his journey into the Wood? Or is it the kindly Sentinel Queen? Together the six of them must decide who to trust. The very fate of the world may hinge on the actions they take this night.

©2012 Brian Harmon (P)2015 Cherry Hill Publishing, LLC

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