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    A spirited comedy about a very haunted theater! Theatrical Stage Manager Nick Papadakis (Rik Deskin) - call him “Pop”, everybody does - takes a new job at the infamously haunted Majestic Theatre in Seattle one week before they open their annual holiday cash-cow A Seattle Christmas Carol

    Legend has it that The Majestic is haunted by dead film and stage star Jack Fairbanks (Mark Redfield), his beautiful wife, Victoria (Brinke Stevens) and company (Joshua Kennedy and Brian Chetelat). 

    It’s the Majestic Theatre’s 13th season, and Nick walks into a maelstrom of chaos. Are Managing Director Jerry Jerome (Matthew Bowerman) and Artistic Director Stan Flanagan (B. Thomas Rinaldi) actively sabotaging the show? Will Nick and Co-Stage Manager Jane Bigelow (Andi Shrem) fall in love? Which living actors will get pink eye or go to jail - uncured ham Chip Bateman (Steve Treacy), sarcastic Rosemary-Margaret (Stephanie Graham) or mumble-mouthed Herb (Mike Moran)? And what secrets does the cranky receptionist Miss Aggie (Lois Bailey DeVeas) keep? 

    Also featuring Kim Deskin and Olivia McMahon. A comedy for theatre lovers everywhere! 

    Jack Fairbanks and Company will return.

    ©2021 Mark Redfield (P)2021 Oasis Audio

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