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Seashells and Shotshells: Apocalyptic Memories

Senior Survival, Book 2
Autor: Ron Foster
Serie: Senior Survival, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 24 Min.

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Walt and Yoshi find themselves as down on their luck and stranded, bugged out preppers in the grid down apocalypse. Their mission in life now is to get to Florida and live out their days playing apocalyptic beach bums, or getting to Yoshi’s great aunts farm located more inland. Emergency broadcast messages on the radio of early winter approaching a mini ice age is cause for concerns, and they begin second guessing their decision to bug out.

Allegedly empty deserted houses, businesses, and a world without rule of law in these end times make for hard decisions and unwanted confrontations. Day to day living as hunters, gatherers, and looters is a confusing and dangerous game to play. Societal collapse is upon them - can they survive? Will Walt’s backwoods survival techniques save them, or are the remnants of society going to even further threaten their existence?

©2019 Ron Foster (P)2019 Ron Foster


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