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Science Fiction Radio: Atom Age Adventures

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From the late 1940s through the 1950s, in a world where space travel and nuclear annihilation were no longer merely the stuff of fantasy, science fiction began to achieve a new popularity. And the work of noted genre writers began to be adapted in movies and radio programs. Based (however implausibly) on science, these radio broadcasts reflected the depths of the nation's fears and the boundlessness of its imagination.

The science fiction series presented here - including X Minus One, 2000 Plus, and Exploring Tomorrow - offer adventures that seek to find a place for humanity in a world of machines, weighing the value of life and beauty against automated convenience and cold efficiency. The mission of science fiction is more than an exploration of space and time. It is also an exploration of man's values...of who we are and who we want to be.

This 10-hour collection includes 22 digitally remastered and restored atom age episodes.

Episodes Include: X Minus One: The Cave of Night 02-01-56, C-Chute 02-08-56, The Lifeboat Mutiny 09-11-56, Sam, This Is You 10-31-56, Honeymoon in Hell 12-26-56, Something for Nothing 04-10-57, The Discovery of Mornial Mathaway 04-17-57, Man's Best Friend 04-24-57; 2000 Plus: The Brooklyn Brain 06-21-50, The Green Thing 09-27-50; Worlds Apart 11-15-50, The Insect 08-15-51; Hall of Fantasy: The Automaton 02-27-53; Exploring Tomorrow: The Adventure of the Beauty Queen 1958, First Baby in Space (a.k.a. Space Baby) 1958; Escape: Conqueror's Isle 01-11-53, North of Polaris 05-17-53; Quiet Please: One for the Book 11-21-48, Very Unimportant Person 12-05-48; Suspense: Report From a Dead Planet 07-10-60, Twenty-Four Sixty-Two 01-21-62, Doom Machine 03-04-62

©2009 Audio programming is licensed from series rights holders. ©? 2009 RSPT LLC. All Rights Reserved. (P)2009 Audio programming is licensed from series rights holders. ©? 2009 RSPT LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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