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    This work, George Eliot's fiction debut, contains three stories, all of which aim to disclose the value hidden in the commonplace.

    The Sad Fortunes of the Rev. Amos Barton, through vignettes of his life, portrays a character who is hard to like and easy to ridicule. Many people do ridicule as well as slander and despise him, until his suffering shocks them into fellowship and sympathy.

    In Mr. Gilfil's Love-Story, Eliot brings forth conflicting value systems revolving around a young woman, Caterina, and two men, Wybrow, who is capable of loving only himself, and Mr. Gilfil, whose love for Caterina is selfless and perceptive.

    The story Janet's Repentance is an account of conversion from sinfulness to righteousness achieved through the selfless endeavors of an Evangelical clergyman.

    (P)1998 Blackstone Audio Inc.


    "The exquisite truth and delicacy, both of the humor and the pathos of those stories, I have never seen the like of." (Charles Dickens)
    "It is a first-rate novel, and its author takes rank at once among the masters of the art." (London Times)

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