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    Fact 437 - Allie was a piss poor bootlegger.

    It was laughable that her blackmailers expected her to create a truth serum. If they’d done their homework, they would’ve known her brewing capabilities were nil, she flunked chemistry, and her moonshine was on the toxic side. So for once in her unlucky life, luck was on her side...until she almost blew up the lab. Unfortunately, singed eyebrows were the least of her concern.

    Fact 543 - Aliens don't understand personal space.

    Nothing was off limits. If they weren’t asking about her heat cycle, males were sniffing her for compatibility. One cocky Av even tried to claim her as his mate, but that wasn’t happening, no matter how good looking he was. But staying immune to his antics proved more difficult than Allie expected. Kind words, gorgeous eyes, and wicked grins were always her weakness.

    Fact 678 - The line between loathe and love easily blurred.

    It was just one kiss...maybe two. 

    ©2019 Frost Kay (P)2019 Frost Kay

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