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    Say YES to YOU offers you love, encouragement. and positive reinforcement. Say YES to YOU is that warm and loving voice many of us don’t hear anywhere else in our lives, feeding back to you just how well you are doing, what a beautiful soul you are and who you truly are.

    Not only does this gorgeous audio act as daily superfood for your soul, building you up and bringing you back to yourself, it also acts as an activation, gently working through your Chakras, grounding you and feeding new self-esteem-building information into your mind, body, and energy system.

    This is a nutrient-rich, juicy love catalyst created just for you. (Beautiful music: 'Fluidscape' by Kevin MacLeod from the album Serenity, 2007)

    About Kimberley Jones: Kimberley Jones is a gifted and respected intuitive mentor empowering Awakening Women all over the world. Known as “A real life spirit guide", she has over 20 years' experience as a healer and is a Reiki Master Healer who has also studied psychology, new science, energy healing, and multiple fields in the healing arts.

    Her own powerful spiritual awakening has been the subject of many books and psycho-spiritual research by psychologists in the UK. A qualified Quantum Activist, Kimberley was the first to train with Physicist Dr Amit Goswami (from the book/documentary What the Bleep Do We Know?). She has written a book of her awakening journey called The Diary of an Awakening Woman, which is being adapted for a movie.

    ©2014 Kimberley Jones (P)2014 Kimberley Jones


    "Wow, I felt this go deep into my heart and right into my body. I feel so different since listening to this regularly. Thank you Kimberley!" (Jo, New Zealand)
    "I’ve noticed that I feel stronger in myself, like I don’t take things so personally any more." (Sarah, USA)

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