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Sanctuary: Outcast

Sanctuary Series, Book 1
Autor: Kaitlyn Keane
Sprecher: Kaitlyn Keane
Serie: Sanctuary (Keane), Titel 1
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 5 Min.
Kategorien: English - Romance, Fantasy

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Branded as an outcast and tossed out of her coven at an early age, Gaige struggled to learn how to fend for herself. Though her magic skills kept her from living on the streets, life wasn't always easy, and she did whatever it took to survive.

Her series of poor choices finally catch up to her on one terrible day, and her life quickly spins out of control. Hunted by a group of powerful magic users who want her dead, Gaige is forced to leave behind everything she has ever known to seek out someone, anyone, who can help her. But who does an outcast turn to for help?

In desperation, she approaches a pack of werewolves to beg for protection. It's a risk Gaige has to take if she wants to survive. Alone, she is vulnerable and in danger of being caught, and the constant terror is sapping her will to live. The werewolves are the only option she has left, but their help does not come cheap. And the handsome, nearly irresistible Alpha male of the pack, with beautiful eyes unlike any she has ever seen - eyes that seem to pierce her very soul and make her feel exposed and very vulnerable - seems interested in a lot more than money. She needs his help - but is she willing to his price?

This paranormal romance is intended for adults only, 18 plus. It contains mature themes, with strong, adult language and situations. Listener discretion is advised.

©2014 Kaitlyn Keane (P)2014 Kaitlyn Keane


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