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    Four campers experience the unimaginable....
    A signal from deep space is detected....
    NASA and SETI scramble for answers....
    But what they discover is...terrifying.

    When four campers decide to take a short vacation in the pine forests of Mount Shasta, a potentially active volcano, and some say, a mystical mountain region in the Cascade Mountain Range of Northern California, it turns out they aren't alone....

    After a long drive through the Shasta Trinity National Forest, British MIT graduate Tom Bishop and his three friends set up camp in the closed-for-the-season Pine Crags Wilderness Campsite, in the shadows of Mount Shasta. As they exchange legends about the mysterious mountain, something appears from the woods which defies all logic....

    Meanwhile SETI scientist and exo-solar planet hunter Dr. Lucy Davies is monitoring the array of computer screens in front of her while carrying out a routine ET signal sweep when she almost drops her mug of coffee, as one of the screens starts flashing - indicating a confirmed detection of a signal from space.... Upon closer annalysis however the signal is even more intriguing. Whilst it appears to emanate from space, it actually terminates at a remote location in the Cascade Mountain Range of the western USA - an area known as Cobalt Ridge. 

    As NASA and SETI scientists scramble to determine if the signal is a genuine fist contact from an alien species, Tom and his friends are frantically searching for two of their team, missing since the campsite incident. As they uncover more clues, their search leads them down a remote series of old mining tunnels towards the base of Mount Shasta. What they eventually discover there however stuns the scientific community. But, are the space signals what they appear to be? Do they represent genuine contact from an alien inteligence...or could they amount to something even more sinister...?

    Salient is a fast-paced, unpauseable science fiction action thriller which will have you listening until the very end as you are taken on an edge-of-your-seat mystery ride.

    ©2018 Mr Simon Rosser (P)2019 Mr Simon Rosser

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