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    Saint Joan

    by George Bernard Shaw

    Presented by The Online Stage

    According to George Bernard Shaw, Joan of Arc was in fact one of the first Protestant martyrs. She was one of the first apostles of nationalism, and the first French practitioner of Napoleonic realism in warfare. She also refused to accept the specific woman's lot, and dressed and fought and lived as men did.

    Shaw's exploration of the story of this ingenuous and eponymous heroine is set in six scenes and an epilogue, which takes place on 1456, when the church cleared Joan of the charge of heresy and condemned her accusers of corruption.

    The ghost of Joan appears and, later, an emissary from the year 1920, to announce Joan's canonization. 

    This production also includes a very condensed version of Shaw's lengthy preface. 


    • Narrator and Duchess de la Trémouille - Anna Grace
    • Robert de Baudricourt, Sentry and Courcelles - Graham Scott  
    • Joan - Amanda Friday
    • Bertrand, D'Estivet and Gentleman - Jeff Moon
    • Archbishop and First Assessor - David Stifel
    • De la Trémouille, John de Stogumber and Executioner - Denis Daly
    • Steward and Warwick - Alan Weyman
    • La Hire, Second Assessor and English Soldier - Phil Benson
    • Bluebeard and Ladvenu - David Shears
    • Charles (Dauphin) - Tom Saer
    • Dunois and Third Assessor - Andy Harrington
    • Cauchon - Peter Tucker
    • Inquisitor - Noel Badrian
    • Page - Sarah Bacaller

    Audio edited by Denis Daly

    Public Domain (P)2020 The Online Stage

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